Thursday, 25 May 2017

I.O.W. Day 4

We all made it to Shanklin and this year Miss O’Sullivan had to buy seven ice-creams for children who successfully completed the Nansen Hill Challenge. 

In the evening, we enjoyed a campfire with a Year 6 class from another school.  The children provided the evening’s entertainment and their acts included singing, sharing riddles and comedy. One pupil decided to invite Miss O’Sullivan and Mrs Abbott on to the ‘stage’ for some entertaining ‘mooments’- ask the children!

I.O.W Day 3

Team-building activities, archery and time for reflection.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I. O. W. Day 2

There have been a great variety of activities from map reading to rock pooling. The children very much enjoyed starting and building their own fires in the woods. We managed to find lots of different types of crabs on the beach yesterday - Bob, Petunia, Hairy Harriet, Herbert and Crabzilla to name but a few! In the evening, we took part in the ABC Quiz, winning bottle tops which were to be used as currency when bidding for materials for task 2: protect a raw egg from the stress of a roof-level fall.