Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 5 Back to school...

I.O.W. Day 4

Rock pooling was so much fun. We caught some massive crabs!

The children worked very well together throughout these team building activities.  

In the evening, we had another campfire and toasted marshmallows. Yummy!

I.O.W. Day 3 Shanklin Trailblaze

We all made it to Shanklin and this year some children celebrated with a tropical iced drink that came in an interestingly designed bottle. The teachers kept things traditional, opting for delicious ice-cream.

In the evening, we enjoyed a campfire with children from a school in Milton Keynes.  There was a competition between a teacher from each school to eat a banana using only one hand.  Miss O’Sullivan volunteered Mr Simmonds who drew!  The children provided the evening’s entertainment and their acts included singing, dancing and comedy.  Well done, everyone!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I.O.W. Day 2

Another fantastic day on the Isle of Wight. There have been a great variety of activities from archery to survival skills. We have been seeing some wonderful perseverance with tasks, such as fire-building, and some very imaginative work when attempting to preserve the integrity of an egg dropped from a great height. We are looking forward to our trek tomorrow and, possibly even more, the promised ice-cream at the end of it!

What are the teachers up to?


I.O.W. Day 1

We arrived at approximately midday yesterday. Year 6 brought the sunshine with them :) Beds were made – eventually! And then we were ready for a tour of the East Dene Centre which included a trip to the beautiful beach where we played some fun games. After a filling supper, the children were ready for some ‘Fizzical’ fun and face painting. I think we were going for the ‘camouflage look’?