Saturday, 30 January 2016

Spring Term Week 4

This week, Year 6 children have focussed their efforts on scaring the teaching staff (and each other) with their very effective ghost stories. Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Williams need the weekend to recover! The carousels are starting to take shape. A huge well done to the Football Team on winning the first League match!

Next week, we will continue to read and analyse a range of fiction texts. In Maths, we will be solving ratio and proportion problems. I am very much looking forward to History as the children will be debating the reliability of different sources of evidence used by archaeologists to reconstruct prehistoric settings.  

Friday, 22 January 2016

In English and RE lessons, we have started to explore and compare style in different genres. Year 6 pupils have some very creative (and spooky!) ideas for their own stories. One of the traditional tales we looked at linked well with our work in PSHE as the message from the story related to sustainability, so we have recommended the story to the Eco Team. The children have been busy designing their own carousels in DT, and they have started to think about the components they will need for their circuits. Some superb problem-solving has taken place this week and the children have explained their reasoning extremely well. Next week, we will explore the relationship between fraction, decimal and percentage.

Estimating using popcorn in Maths was fun!

Harpenden Library Visit

Learning some facts about the service. This involved lots of numbers.


All About Dewey!

What a wonderful sight!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Welcome back!

To celebrate the beginning of our ‘Spring’ term, the children have been busy combining art and literacy skills to produce a wonderful display in the school's entrance. Inspired by Ted Hughes’ poetry, the children wrote their own verses about ‘The Joys of Spring’, and used a marbling technique to capture the colours of the season. 

On Wednesday, Luke Temple inspired us all as he brought his stories to life using role-play with 'living scenery', film, sound and art. The children took on roles (such as a toilet roll holder!) with enthusiasm and energy.

On Friday, Year 6 visited the local library. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the service, and enjoyed listening to one of Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes’.
Fabulous photos from the library visit to follow ...

In our Computing lessons, we will be developing our coding skills before we construct our own games.